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Bijūnas Baptism trousers Maximize

Bijūnas Baptism trousers

Linen Christening pants for boy

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  • 64 cm
  • 71 cm
  • 81 cm
  • 92 cm
  • Individual
  • Without knittings
  • White color knittings
  • Blue color knittings

47,24 €

White linen Christening pants are slim and very soft. It's sewen from softened linen and decorated with knittings. Very easy dressed. The inner part of the parts are fasten with studs (so it woult be very easy to dress up and change the diapers), the straps length is asjustable, the frowns on the sides embellish the silhouette of the pants. This is a great choice for small and very agile boy - the pants always will fit to the body.

In case of selecting individual size of the pants, please read the measurement rules.

Possible size of the pants:

  • Individual. According to your sent measurements.
  • 3-6 months:   height 64cm; pants length from crotch 7cm, through the hips 54cm;
  • 6-10 months:  height 71cm; pants length from crotch 9cm, through the hips 56cm;
  • 10-16 months: height 81cm; pants length from crotch 12cm, through the hips 60cm;
  • 16-24 months: height 92cm; pants length from crotch 14cm, through the hips 64cm.

If you have questions you should have to contact us by phone: +370 675 50503

Pants characteristics:

  • Fabrics: Linen 100%
  • Decoration: Linen 100%, rubber, buttons, cotton knitting
  • Color: White 

All garments are sewed within 5-8 working days after we received your completed order.
So you can be pretty sure that your baptism clothes are made for you and individually for your kids.


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Bijūnas Baptism trousers

Bijūnas Baptism trousers

Linen Christening pants for boy

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