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Pakalnutė Baptismal sweater Maximize

Pakalnutė Baptismal sweater

Woolen Christening sweater - overcoat

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  • 64 cm
  • 71 cm
  • 81 cm
  • 92 cm
  • Individual
  • White (milk)
  • Champagne
  • Without lining
  • Natural silk

89,78 €

This sweater is handmade of nonwoven textile fabric. The fabric is exclusive and impossible to be identically copied next time. This is the perfect combination of handmade techniques, fashion and comfort. The coat is warm, soft and fluffy. Fasten with press studs, the sleeves are with folded cuffs and free enough to be put on any Christening wear or sleeveless dress. The coat is made of merino wool, soft and fluffy, doesn't "bite" the baby's skin.

Upon your request the coat could be designed with natural silk linen (in such case the coat would be not very warm only, but also detain wintry wind)

In case of selecting individual size of the sweater, please read the measurement rules.

Coat size according to the child's height:

  • Individual. According to your sent measurements.
  • 3-6 months:   height 64cm, coat length 29cm, through the chest 52cm, sleeve length 19cm;
  • 6-10 months:  height 71cm, coat length 32cm, through the chest 55cm, sleeve length 22cm;
  • 10-16 months: height 81cm, coat length 37cm, through the chest 58cm, sleeve length 24cm;
  • 16-24 months: height 92cm, coat length 42cm, through the chest 62cm, sleeve length 28cm.

If you have questions you should have to contact us by phone: +370 675 50503

Coat characteristics:

  • Fabrics: Merino wool 100%
  • Linen: Silk 100%
  • Decoration: Merino wool 100%
  • Color: White or champagne

All garments are sewed within 5-8 working days after we received your completed order.
So you can be pretty sure that your baptism clothes are made for you and individually for your kids.

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Pakalnutė Baptismal sweater

Pakalnutė Baptismal sweater

Woolen Christening sweater - overcoat

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