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Domestic shipping

When shopping on our on-line store you can choose one of the available option for delivery. You can find the delivery price of Baptismal wear below:

           Delivery method:    Shopping cart    
     up to 60€
   Shopping cart 
   more than 60€   
   Shopping cart    
       up to 20€
    Shopping cart 
   from 20€ to 150€   
     Shopping cart 
   more than 150€   
    Additional taxes    
  Lietuvos paštas - Lithuanian Post   
  (delivery up to 3-4 b.d.)
           2 €           Free             2€                -           Free              N/A
  Lietuvos paštas - Lithuanian Post 
           2€           Free             2€                -           Free               5€
     (to pay at PO)
   Lietuvos paštas - DPD Lietuva
    (delivery up to 1-2 b.d.)
            -             -             6€              5€           Free              N/A

The refund and/or replacement of the Christening garments.

If Christening garments for some reason were not suitable, you didn't like them or just less than expected, on our shop you can refund or replace.

  • The items are being replaced or refund in accordance with by LR Minister of Economy signed Order No. 217 of 29.06.2001 “On the approval of Items refunding and replacment rules” (Official Gazette, 2001, Nr.) approved items' refunding and replacement rules;
  • You have to report about the items you don't like, deficient clothes or less expected garments within 3 working days after shipment is delivered;
  • The items' replacement or refund are possible only if the item is not damaged, didn't lose the commercial appearance and was not used; thus the labels are not damaged. The changes of the item or item package , which took place during the item observation are not the essential changes of the item's appearance;
  • The expenses in Lithuania incured during the item refund are covered by us;
  • The expenses in Lithuania incured during the item replacement are covered by us;
  • The expenses out of Lithuania incured during the item refund or replacement are covered by us;
  • The refunded funds are transfered to the same bank account from which the order was paid within 10 business days after the date of item was returned.

We hope you enjoy shopping in our online store!

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If you have any question just contact us with appointed tel. nr.!

Phone+370 616 77836

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We needed this for my 8month old’s baptism. Alina was WONDERFUL. From custom sizing and quick shipping to get this to us in about a week. I can’t say enough about the wonderful communication and service. The outfit was PERFECT
Carmen A.
17 March 2019
Just a quick note to thank you on your beautifully made clothes for my baby boy :) They are spot-on from what I thought they would be from your website. Colors, fabric & design are true to the pics shown on your store. Very impressed with the craftmanship [rustic & chic] for all the 5 items which I have purchased. Seller was very friendly & helpful. Will repurchase again for sure :)
Shannen W.
29 January
I received the outfit yesterday I was so in awe of the quality that when I put my son in it I got teary eyed. It is beautiful to say the least. My only concern is that he'll grow out of it too soon! I live it sooo much. Certainly have a loyal customer here. Thanks again.
28 October
I wanted to thank you my son looked so adorable in his outfit you made him. It was perfect! Thanks again! you do some wonderful work
Anna P.
28 October
Labai ačiū!
Noriu nuoširdžiai padėkoti už nepakartojamus rūbelius! Taip pat už pagalbą ir supratimą, rekomenduosiu visiems ir kiekvienam!
20 September
Noriu dar karta Jums nuoširdžiai padėkoti!!! Už tokį tiktai išskirtinį aptarnavimą! Esu sužavėta, labai dėkinga ir esu tikra, jog sugrįšiu pas Jus
21 August

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