Sveiki, nuosirdziai dekojame uz nuostabius rubelius! Viskas puikiai tiko ir labai patiko. Rekomenduosime visiems! Geru darbu ir visada patenkintu klientu.
04 March 2018
Alina is wonderful to work with! She made my daughter's baptismal gown also. Both are beautiful and fit perfectly! Her workmanship is amazing! I couldn't decide between 2 different colored bowties for my son, so she made them both to help me decide. I was so appreciative of that. The shipping was extremely fast. I had both my son and my daughter's baptismal outfits in plenty of time. Thank you so much!
Mendy D.
03 March 2018
I bought my little mans baptism gown through here and I don’t think he’s ever looked cuter. He was 8 months old when he wore it. It also had the side benefit of keeping him happy/distracted during the ceremony with the strings on his shirt! I love the cotton material. Just what I wanted!
Heather H.
03 March 2018
Sveiki, Iš pašto atsiėmiau skraistę su žvakės papuošimu. NUOSTABU!!! :) Labai džiaugiuosi, kad pasirinkau Jus :) Labai kruopščiai, gražiai pasiūta. Ačiū labai labai :) Gerų darbų :)
13 October
Thank you very much for my order! In love with the material. The special detail is just adorable!!!! The sweet little angel was too cute.
Veronica L.
07 October
This was an absolutely perfect baptism outfit. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Alina was very responsive and the items came in record time. I'm so glad I purchased this!
Kristina K.
07 October